You Relax While Your Children Play

At Synergy Chiropractic it is essential to us that we create an atmosphere of healing and relaxation that anyone can enjoy without having to change your entire schedule. In an effort to ensure that you are able to have the best care possible we have arranged our clinic’s schedule to accommodate most schedules, opening as early as 6:30am and staying open as late as 6:30pm. We even offer hours on Saturday.

Children’s Playroom at Henderson Chiropractic Clinic

Continuing along the path of ensuring our patients are able to receive the best quality chiropractic care available in Henderson, Nevada without hindering their lives, we have added a children’s playroom. Now, you don’t have to worry about child care to get an adjustment, chiropractic therapy, or pain relief you need. Busy moms and dads know frequently were distracted by their children, or may have felt uncomfortable leaving them unattended in the adjustment room or lobby.

Let Your Children Play While You Relax

Our family friendly chiropractic clinic has always enjoyed having your little ones, and now they will enjoy coming with you as well. Our children’s playroom is full of plenty of toys and games to keep your little ones at play while you relax. And our staff has always been mindful of children walking around our clinic, so we will definitely remain aware of your little ones. All we ask is that they play by the rules which are posted at the room entrance.