Is Your Baby Causing Your Back Pain?

Most new parents anticipate a lot of things when a new baby arrives; sleepless nights, diaper changes and the endless parade of bottles and bibs. What most new parents don’t consider are the physical challenges associated with holding a newborn baby for long periods of time. However, back pain is a common problem for new […]

Back Pain Associated With Standing

It makes sense that when you stand for long periods of time that your feet would start to hurt, but it’s a little more challenging for people that stand continuously to understand why they have back pain. In this article you will learn more about what contributes to lower back pain associated with standing. If […]

Mid Back Pain: Scheuermann’s Kyphosis

What is Scheuermann’s Kyphosis In short, this condition, sometimes called Scheuermann’s Disease, occurs when the front of the upper spine grows slower than the back of the spine. This causes the vertebrae to become wedge-shaped, with the narrow part of the wedge in front. The wedge-shape of the vertebra creates an increase in the amount […]

Could a Backpack Be the Cause of Your Child’s Back Pain?

Why Do Children Suffer from Back Pain? Growing pains, sports, school work. What could be the at the root of your child’s back pain? Wait, could school work be the source of back pain in your child? Adults are not the only ones who suffer from back pain. Children can also suffer from back pain […]