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testimonial“Ok so I started coming to visit Alexis because I have sciatica in my lower back, carry a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders, have an arthritic shoulder with frozen cartilage in my bicep, to say the least a total mess. It’s been 6 weeks now and my sciatica is so mild I barely feel it when I am walking my dogs or exercising. My shoulder is 85% better and I can almost lift my arm all the way over my head. I am no longer a total mess and am back to exercising and living my life to the fullest and could not be happier. Alexis and Synergy Chiropractic are professional and fun which makes going in a much better experience. I had gone to the Joint but they were more of a farm chiropractic place get you in/out quickly and take your money. I never felt they cared about me as much as Alexis does. I am a client for life and I mean life!”

-Barbara B.


“Dr. Noggle is fantastic! She takes time to get to know you and listens to your concerns. She has helped my shoulder pain and back issues. Have had nothing but positive experiences.”

-Lindsey R.


“Alexis is a great chiropractor! She really cares about her patients and takes the time to listen to you and works with you to decide what is best. She not only explains the treatment, but also why it works. I highly recommend her!”

-John S.


“I have been see Dr. Noggle for a couple years now. Since she started at Synergy I have been getting decompression treatments and feel great. I noticed a huge difference after my first session. Dr. Noggle is a great doctor. She really takes the time to listen to whatever issues I’m having and she address them right away. Each treatment is specific to what my complaints are that visit. My golf swing has never been better!! I highly recommend seeing her!!”

-Paul D.


“I have been seeing Dr. Noggle for a few weeks and have noticed my headaches almost completely gone and have been noticing my posture improve with each treatment. I’m gratefuly I found Dr. Noggle and got the help I needed.”

-Mayra V.


“A month in a half ago I was in a car accident. After the accident I suffered whiplash, body pain, muscle spams, reoccurring headaches, stiffness, and a knee injury. I’ve been seeing Dr. Noggle for a month now and have made great progress with flexibility. The body pain I was suffering from has been steadily decreasing and my knee is finally starting to see some improvement.

Dr. Noggle and Meghan was also very encouraging on the days where I felt discouraged from the slow healing process or pain.

The office is very easy and flexible to work with. A place where they actually care about their patients.
Highly recommended…”

-BJ O.


“On our first visit to Synergy, my partner could not stand up straight and was in huge amounts of pain. We where first met by Megan, Dr Alexis Noggle assistant, she was very helpful and friendly, we where made to feel very welcome. Right away Alexis came out, asked lots of questions, pin pointed where the pain was, how it felt, and started to get it treated. By the time we where going home, my partner was walking upright and feeling so much better.

We have gone back for further treatment. Every time is nothing but a friendly, professional experience.
I would have no problem recommending Alexis to people who need her services.”

-Helen P.


“A few months ago I was in a lot of pain and in need of some chiropractic adjusting. I began searching the area with Yelp help and kept finding offices that only wanted to treat auto injuries, or in my opinion WEASELS. I finally found Synergy Chiropractic and called them. Megan told me to come on in and assured me that they do not require me to have an attorney or an auto accident in order to treat. She also assured me that they weren’t shady after I asked.

What I found was a friendly environment that is not too big or too over done. Dr. Alexis and Megan are both extremely friendly and genuine people who aren’t afraid to smile and treat their customers as friends rather than something less.

At times I needed to bring in my 2 yr old while I was being adjusted. I have felt very comfortable doing this, and while I pressure myself asking if it’s OK, I have never received pressure or negativity from Dr. Noggle or Megan. I continued to come here for a few months until I decided to bring my wife and autistic son for adjustments. Again both have been treated very friendly and we have all seen great results from our treatments. My son has been extremely responsive to the adjustments and has enjoyed them thoroughly. I appreciate the manner in which Dr. Noggle conducts herself and the way she cares for my family.”

-Jed R.


“Great place and very comfortable no pressure atmosphere. Highly recommend and I will be back.”



“I was at my mental, physical, and emotional end with the pain I was in… I was having constant issues with ear pain which was leading into neck pain…I couldn’t eat, sleep, work…it was miserable to say the least…no doctor seemed to be able to definitively pinpoint what was causing my pain…I would cry at times just looking for an answer..I didn’t care what it cost…or how long it took…I just wanted to feel better…but how was that a possibility if NOBODY could tell me what was wrong with me??!!!!

At the urge of a doctor friend of mine I sought the help of a chiropractor…not understanding or necessarily trusting someone who cracks your neck with their bare hands, I obliged.

I landed at Dr. Noggle’s office and the rest is magical history…from the moment I called her office she had answers for all my crazy questions…from pricing (ridiculously affordable prices btw) to techniques…not only that…but she reassured me that she thought she could help me…and would be happy to do so…trust me when I say never…I mean…NEVER has a doctor had such incredible people skills…she loves what she does…she is so personable and knowledgeable…and it is so refreshing to experience that at a DOCTOR’S OFFICE!

After my first two adjustments I had nearly no pain in my ears (hallelujah)…and I’ve had 5/6 sessions now including some heat therapy and decompression…and my neck pain and headaches are incredibly better…and I have faith that very soon they will disappear…I owe my improving health to this woman…I can’t say enough wonderful things about her AND her assistant Megan…they are little angels in my book!!! Thank you for all you do…you have a patient for life in me…”

-Autumn M.


“I started seeing Alexis when Synergy opened in august. I suffered from sciatica in my lower back and a frozen shoulder. When I started I could not lift my arm at all and I was in excruciating pain as well as my lower back. After the first few weeks my sciatica pain was all but gone and I was able to lift my arm without pain about 20%. Now at 10 weeks I can lift my arm 90% and the frozen shoulder is almost better. I recommended her to my husband and son and now they go weekly. Also my god child who is 2 mos old gets adjusted for torticollis and is on way to being healthy.”