Why Posture Matters

From the Doctor: Why Posture Matters

Why do I need good posture?

I often get asked why I need to have good posture. Besides the obvious cosmetic reasons to have good posture, there are some more long term effects of having bad posture.


Having good posture allows the muscles to work properly and help maintain balance.

Degenerative Disease Prevention

Good posture helps maintain proper alignment and reduces the forces of gravity and can help prevent degenerative diseases like arthritis.

Decrease Injury

Good posture helps while doing physical activities and can decrease injury.

How to Better Your Posture

Poor posture usually happens slowly over time and some of the most common reasons for poor posture is poor ergonomics at work and/or home, obesity, weak postural muscles, tight postural muscles. Fortunately, poor posture can be fixed. It is important when sitting down not to cross your legs, your knees should never go above your waist while sitting. Do not sleep on your stomach, keep a pillow in between your legs while sleeping on your side, and put a pillow under your knees while sleeping on your back. While standing for a prolonged period of time, keep your weight evenly placed, stand tall with your shoulders pulled back.

How Dr. Noggle Helps

I am frequently contacted by companies to consult with them regarding ergonomics and workplace setup. Companies that receive this type of consultation find that their workforce are able to sit and focus on work for longer periods of time, therefore productivity increases significantly. Workers call in less due to back pain and related issues. Overall, the costs associated with ergonomically sound workplaces pays themselves in dividends compared to similar, unsound environments. I recommend consulting with a trained chiropractor, or in Las Vegas or Henderson with my Chiropractic practice, when setting up your work place.