Effective Treatment for Colicky Babies: Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care for Colic

Effective Treatment for Colicky Babies: Chiropractic Care

The birthing process is undoubtedly a stressful one, on the mother and the newborn baby. Because of the stress placed on the newborn’s neck and spine during birth, it is common for there to be several subluxations to both the neck and the back. These subluxations may be the cause of irritation for the tiny and delicate nervous system of the newborn. Imagine being stuck in the fetal position for nine month yourself and you can understand why suddenly being thrust into the world might be uncomfortable.

Studies have shown that babies with colic, or colicky systems, appear to need more attention, and are often more sensitive to external stimulation. This is indicative of neurological differences. If the theory that irritated newborn spines may contribute to colic, just wait until you see the difference after a single adjustment. Adjusting a newborn, or any young child for that matter, is much different than adjusting adults. Newborn chiropractic adjustments to reduce colic are quite gentle and may not even be noticeable by someone standing nearby. What will be noticed is the difference in the baby that suddenly seems more comfortable, as this gentle adjustment frequently improves colic symptoms.

How to Reduce Symptoms of Colic

Look at Your Diet. Both the diet of the mother and baby can be major factors for the development of colic. Milk, and specifically the sugar lactose contained in milk, can cause issues in a baby’s digestive system. A breastfeeding mother should reduce the intake of cow’s milk in her diet to see if this improves the colic in her newborn. And don’t forget to replace with other, similar nutrients in your diet. If you feed your baby formula, avoid soy or dairy-based formulas. It might also be a good idea to try to feed your baby more often with less food at each feeding.

Give the Tummy Attention. There are a number of things you can do to the colicky baby’s tummy to help reduce discomfort. You can place a warm water bottle on your baby’s stomach, not a hot water bottle but just warm. You can also gently rub your baby’s tummy, the key word here is gently.

Go Through the Motions. Regular chiropractic care at Synergy Chiropractic, or a chiropractor near you. You can also rock your baby in a rocking chair or cradle. And if all else fails put that little angel in a car seat and go for a drive. It might do you both some good to get out of the house and get some fresh air too.

Does Chiropractic Care for Colic Really Work?

Any chiropractor that has adjusted infants and newborns with colic has likely had success for their patients, and young patient’s parents. The adjustments for little children is light and consists more of trigger pint therapy and minor massage. If you don’t live in the Las Vegas or Henderson areas, I recommend taking the time to find a chiropractor near your home and ask them if they treat children. If they say yes, ask the chiropractor if they have children of their own and if they adjust their own children. They should answer this with a yes.

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