Back Pain Associated With Standing

It makes sense that when you stand for long periods of time that your feet would start to hurt, but it’s a little more challenging for people that stand continuously to understand why they have back pain. In this article you will learn more about what contributes to lower back pain associated with standing. If you are experiencing chronic lower back pain it is best to consult with a physician. This content is general information and not intended to diagnose or treat any person.

Why Do I Get Back Pain When I Stand?

This question is common among people with professions that require long periods of standing such as service staff, retail store clerks, and casino dealers. People want to know why they get back pain when they stand all day. To answer this question we will need to look at the factors contributing to back pain. In general, lower back pain associated with standing is created from a combination of poor posture, weak abdominal muscles, and periods of stress. One of the most common reasons that people experience back pain while standing is due to their body mechanics and the unbalanced support among muscles, joints and discs.

How to Treat Lower Back Pain Associated With Standing

First, you should take a trip to your local Chiropractic clinic for an evaluation by a licensed chiropractor. They will review your medical history and evaluate your condition to give you a proper diagnosis. Next, they will make their recommendation for treatment which may include periodic adjustments and therapies. Many people assume that they have to be ill to need continued treatment from a chiropractor, but when it comes to pain associated with an occupation prevention is key. Finally, they may recommend homework such as exercises for you to strengthen your core and weakened muscles contributing to your pain.

Long Term Lower Back Pain Relief

Many patients want to know how to obtain long term relief from lower back pain associated with standing and the answer is simple. Routine chiropractic treatment and exercise. Most chiropractic well care clinics offer well patient care to prevent long term, chronic problems from occurring. This is for the same reason that your dentist recommends routine checkups to prevent cavities; it’s easier to prevent deterioration than it is to correct it. Caring for your body before it starts to hurt, or getting it corrected when the symptoms arise can ensure that you live a more full life.

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